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New Tip Styles for 39mil and X31 Probes:
47-S Steel Torch is a self-cleaning and recommended for contacting leads, posts, and solder domes with heavy board contamination.

63-S Steel Chisel Recommended in applications where test pads and filled or pasted vias have heavy board contamination.

9R-S Steel Razor Recommended for solder domes and test pads where OSP, lead-free solder paste and no-clean processes are challenging.

039-25 or X31-25or PDF

NEW High Preload "F" Spring
for higher, more consistant spring force PDF



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050-05 Series ~ .050 [1.27] Center, .050 [1.27] Stroke
Probe P/N 050-PL
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Letter Material Average Resistance
Nickel Silver/ ID precious metal clad < 25 milliohms
Standard material is heat-treated BeCu/plated gold over nickel
13 Chisel
41 Spear
40 Spherical
43 Chisel
Spring Force
@ Full Stroke
Mechanical Life [Cycles @ Stroke]
Standard 1.3 [37] 4.6 [130] Music Wire 1M min @ .050 [1.27] max

Letter Description
No probe lubrication. Removing probe lubrication greatly reduces cycle life and should only be used in applications outside of the probe operating temperature specifications.
(Blank) No option required
All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in inches [mm].
All spring forces in ounces [gms].

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