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NEW Elevated "Y" Spring Force for 39mil and X31, .250" Stroke Probes PDF

NEW 58 Steel Crown Tip Style for contacting through hole components, posts & connectors PDF

NEW High Current Socket for 125mil centers; 125-25 series PDF

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100-40 Series ~ .100 [2.54] Centers, .400 [10.16] Full Stroke
  • Overview
  • Tip Styles
  • Sockets
  • Tools
  • Downloads

    Pin Gauge    
      Mounting holes in AT7000, G10/FR4 or similar materials should be gauged at .0670/.0690 [1.702/1.753] using PG100 pin gauge.
    Socket Installation Tool    
      Order the AT100-KIT or AT100M-KIT (metric) adjustable tool for mounting sockets at varying set heights.



    Order the ITR100-FL or ITR100 SET .XXX. (Specify Height: .001 to .345 [0.03 to 8.76]) to install 100-40 Series sockets.

    A replaceable tip, ITR100-FL-TIP or ITR100-TIP can be ordered when your used tool is damaged or worn.

    Socket Extraction Tool  



    Order the ETR100-KIT for removing a damaged socket from its mounting hole. The kit consists of one ETR100 socket extraction tool, one ITR100-FL (sockets must be flush before extraction).

    A replaceable tip, ETR100-TIP can be ordered when your used tool is damaged or worn.

    Probe Installation Tool  


      Use the PT100/75 to install 100-40 Series probes.


    Probe Extraction Tool    

    PERX75/100 tools allow easy removal of probes with headed tip styles.

    A replaceable tip, PERX75/100-TIP can be ordered when your used tool is damaged or worn.

    Damaged Probe Tube Extraction Tool

    TERX75/100 tools are used to remove damaged probe tubes. A replaceable tip, TERX75/100-TIP can be ordered when your used tool is damaged or worn.

    Indicator Probes    

    Use IP100-4010 or IP100-4040 to to measure probe stroke in a test fixture (plunger remains at deflected position).

    Socket Plug    

    Use the 100-SPR to plug a conventional 100-mil socket where a test point is no longer needed.


    All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in inches [mm].
    All spring forces in ounces [gms].


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