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Double Ended Sockets

Double-ended sockets are comprised of a standard socket with a special interface probe permanently attached to the tail of the socket.

Double-ended sockets allow construction of fixtures with far shorter signal path lengths than conventional wire-wrapped designs. The shorter path length allows better control of the signal from the tester circuits to the Unit Under Test (UUT).

Probe Specifications

Tube Material: Nickel silver/ID precious metal clad
Full Stroke: .125 [3.18] for 039-25 / .150 [3.81] for all others
Working Stroke: Up to .100 [2.54]
Operating Temp: Up to 120°C

Spring Force

Mechanical Life
Cycles @ Stroke
.75 [21]
4.63 [131]
3.85 [109]
SS 10k @ .100 [25.4]
All Others
.80 [23]
5.22 [147]
3.75 [106]
SS 100k @ .100 [25.4]


Note: Top test probe is not included with double ended sockets and should be ordered separately (see applicable product series)

All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in inches [mm].
All spring forces in ounces [gms].


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