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New Tip Styles for 39mil and X31 Probes:
47-S Steel Torch is a self-cleaning and recommended for contacting leads, posts, and solder domes with heavy board contamination.

63-S Steel Chisel Recommended in applications where test pads and filled or pasted vias have heavy board contamination.

9R-S Steel Razor Recommended for solder domes and test pads where OSP, lead-free solder paste and no-clean processes are challenging.

039-25 or X31-25or PDF

NEW High Preload "F" Spring
for higher, more consistant spring force PDF



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X75-40 Series ~ .075 [1.91] Centers, .400 [10.16] Stroke
Wireless Termination P/N XTDS
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X75-25 Terminations
Heat treated BeCu/gold plated over nickel
Heat treated BeCu/gold plated over nickel
Digit Description
.080 [2.03] low set
.140 [3.56] high set

Recommended drill hole sizes forAt 7000, G10/FR4 or similar material:
Back plate: .038/.039 [0.97/0.99]. Suggested drill size #61 or 1.00mm

All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in inches [mm].
All spring forces in ounces [gms].

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