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New Tip Styles for 39mil and X31 Probes:
47-S Steel Torch is a self-cleaning and recommended for contacting leads, posts, and solder domes with heavy board contamination.

63-S Steel Chisel Recommended in applications where test pads and filled or pasted vias have heavy board contamination.

9R-S Steel Razor Recommended for solder domes and test pads where OSP, lead-free solder paste and no-clean processes are challenging.

039-25 or X31-25or PDF

NEW High Preload "F" Spring
for higher, more consistant spring force PDF



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  Probe Construction

Materials and methods used in the manufacture of all QA Technology test probes meet only the highest standards. Each component is designed, manufactured, assembled and inspected for optimum performance. This assures superior quality for every product.

"QA" stands for Quality Assurance in every test probe and socket we manufacture.   Springs are constructed of high-strength music wire or stainless steel for long life.   Plungers are manufactured from beryllium copper or steel, heat treated and plated gold over nickel.  
Probe tubes are deep-drawn from a variety of alloys and feature hardened precious metal cladding for high performance.   Our patented probe design features an angled plunger tail for improved biasing that ensures consistent contact with the probe tube.   We offer a wide variety of point styles to suit virtually any test requirement.  

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